Luxury surfaces Cascade gardens

Welcome to the web presentation of Němec s.r.o. company

The Němec s.r.o. Company is into realizations of luxury surfaces and the vertical gardens in Czech Republic and abroad for more than 20 years. Thanks to the leading technologies developed by our company, we can satisfy all your dreams about perfect and modern interior design. Be inspired by our realizations gallery or visit our showroom.

Luxury surfaces
In our portfolio you will find the most modern technologies developed by our company such as Imitation of Concrete®, Betonepox® or Betonepox Soft® and also very popular technologies from the british company ArmourCoat, like for example Travertine, Granite, Perlata, Pitted, Venetian Stucco and Smooth. Our experience, passion for perfection and constant effort for improving is exactly what makes our company so special. We will fully satisfy your dreams about the perfect interior design.

Luxury surfaces
Vertical gardens
Vertical cascade gardens responds well to the latest trends of modern architecture. Němec s.r.o. already made more than 1000 m2 of vertical gardens and based on these experiences we stepped forward and invented our very own new generation of vertical gardens called "Cascade Gardens".
Cascade gardens